GS Microinfusion Kits with tailored serums  

GS Antimicrobial charcoal facial brush  

LED Light Shield Device 

Tailored Skincare Package

SKU: 0002
  • Package Includes:

    Antimicrobial Charcoal Facial Brush

    Microneedle Facial device Kit - Includes 3 different formulsa tailored for YOUR skin!

    Use which one is right for you.

    Ice pack and GS medical grade numbing cream - To be used prior to microneedle facial to ease discomfort with the microneedle treatment.

    Your Microneedle Facial device includes 3 different serums:

    A. Skin Concern = Acne:

    • Hyaluronic Acid (hydration) + Skinceuticals Blemish + Age Defense (acne)

    B. Skin Concern = Pigment:

    • Hyaluronic Acid (hydration) + Skinceuticals Discoloration Defense (hyperpigmentation + redness)

    C. Skin Concern = Brightening/Anti-aging:

    • Hyaluronic Acid (hydration) + GoodSkin brightening formula (ascorbic acid, glutathione, lipoic acid, zinc, silicium)

     LED Light Shield Device

    Safe on eyes, can be worn daily while doing activities.
    Same shield as sold on POOSH website

    Shield has three settings:

    • Blue = increase mood and decrease acne
    • Yellow = reduce pigment
    • Red = reduce inflammatory skin conditions and increase collagen


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